Sited at 1,800 feet, Riggins nestles deeply in the canyon where Idaho’s very own Salmon River and the Little Salmon River come together. It is here, that you will experience some of the best fishing areas in all of Idaho. Thousands of salmon and steelhead journey up these rivers to their yearly spawning grounds, making them a premiere catch for many who love to fish. Although timing can be of the essence as these two fishing seasons kick off during specific time of the year.

That isn’t to say there aren’t some great fish to be caught year round! In Riggins, fishing adventures are abundant no matter the season. Take your pick at fly fishing the river banks by jet boat. For those new beginners, bring aboard a tour guide who will show you a day of well-planned fishing fun.


Lace up your boots and come discover some of the best hikes, nature walks, and backpacking in the area. Winding tree lines, dramatic overhangs, lakes and rivers are beautifully woven into the trails that unfold near the town of Riggins. From the short but scenic views of the Patrick Creek trail, to the dramatic canyons and alpine meadows of the Seven Devils trail system, there are impressive routes sure to please all who are eager to set off on foot and explore. There are outdoor activities and paths suitable for all ages and abilities. For the  more experienced, the Wind River trail is excellent for anyone who wishes to blaze their own path, while the Manning Crevice trail is great for those who prefer to be rewarded with scenery rather than a challenge. Hiking is a year round event here in Riggins, so whether it be spring or winter, the beauty of Idaho’s natural resources are always ready to be enjoyed and photographed for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy experiencing Idaho’s beauty by exploring the state’s plentiful natural resources.

Hiking is a year round event here and in each season you will find many different things to see. Gorgeous vistas and waterfalls are plentiful and are all ready to be enjoyed and photographed. Spring is a wonderful time of year to be in the woods while the skies are crystal clear and the leaves are gone, creating exciting vistas for as far as one can see here are outdoor activities and paths suitable for all ages and abilities.

Water Recreation

Riggins offers the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of Idaho’s wilderness while experiencing the thrill of outdoor water adventure. The Salmon River is equipped with 425 miles of floating – be it by canoe, kayak, jet boat or raft. The best part, the river runs right through the heart of Riggins! Whether you are looking for a relaxing float trip with the family, or the ultimate rush of the white waters, you’re going to find it here with us. Salmon River Whitewater Rafting trips are for every range of interest and all levels of ability; from half-day float trips to multi-day excursions. Think you need to be experienced? Our experienced river guides will provide the safest and most enjoyable rafting experience possible. The Salmon River may be famously known as the “River of No Return,” but we promise the exciting currents, remarkable canyons and striking scenery will have you all but coming back for more!